Sensational! You will not believe what Facebook wants to do!

We should expect such titles to disappear from our Facebook newsfeeds soon, following the company’s decision to develop an algorithm to detect and reduce newsfeed clickbait posts. Most of the times these are just disguised ads or news running exaggerated or misleading titles with no connection to the actual content, specifically designed to generate as much traffic as possible.

News that circulated online recently mentions that scientists can confirm the fact that the day has shrunk from 24 hours to 16. And this justifies the feeling we have that time goes by to quickly and it is also the reason why we strive to do everything faster.

So we end up realizing that the time we have is insufficient for our extensive “to do” list and we are forced to reprioritize our tasks and postpone for the next day what we should have been done today. Feedback is part of this category, it is something that should be done in due time, however more and more often it migrates from the “to do” list towards the “to postpone” list.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of reading the article published by Dana Oancea about the professional vice called AVE – an article which sends a warning sign about the speed, or rather lack of speed which the PR industry has when it comes to the one thing that can provide it with true value and a boost of ”perception” – evaluation.

The challenges the PR industry faces inevitably end up drawing attention to the evaluation which advances heavily and with no satisfaction”. This is how the article on begins. I completely agree. And I say this having in mind the conclusions I came to when ending my studies and basically at the beginning of my career in PR.